Market Overview

You should only trade on a demo account at first and become familiar with our signals. Our signals are designed to be entered at a low point during the morning hours. Once the market opens or for forex, a signal is published, begin by watching the price. If the price is decreasing, wait for a moment when the asset begins to rebound to enter. Do not enter trades that have retraced. Our signals can also be traded throughout the day. You will have to find any signals that have decreased below the price that we have published it as and that haven't increased. Dollar cost averaging is another strategy you may use when you enter trade and it continues to drop. This is very risky, but can decrease your average buy-in price.

Taking profit is a personal decision depending on your risk appetite. Many members close their trade once they receive a certain percentage of profit. This can be in a few hours or days. Once in profit, setting a sell limit at both current price and a larger target, will guarantee your profit while possibly going up further. A sell signal is not an exit signal. A sell signal is another word for shorting a stock or currency.

Discipline and money management is very important. Before beginning to trade, decide on a certain amount of capital and a stop loss to use. Then choose an amount to use per trade, such as 5% of your capital. As you grow your capital, your investments will also grow. Once you double your initial capital, it is a good idea to remove it and only use your profits to trade. At that point, your initial investment is protected.

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