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The Power Of Algorithmic Trading In The Palm Of Your Hand

Have you ever paid for a stock signal service, only to make no profit? You're not alone. Not long ago, many of our customers told us that they had tried every market analysis tool under the sun. They hired a stock broker but weren't on the same page. They wanted growth. He was focused on “stability”. Suffice it to say, they saw no earnings. And the same thing happened with their financial advisor, investment coach and all of the overpriced software they bought over the years.

No matter what they did, they could never seem to turn a profit. They started to believe that there was no way for an independent trader to be successful. Without access to hedge funds, algorithmic traders and quantum computers, you might be stuck earning meager profits. The stock market trades $1 trillion back and forth each and every day. They just needed the expertise to know how to get into the middle of all this. Most people have dreamed of becoming part of the markets but the truth is that almost no one knows what they are doing. Then the unexpected happened, they found which gave them exactly what they've been searching for.

Introducing caught their eye because it was exactly what they had been looking for, a stock signal service for independent traders who wanted to get Wall Street type results. You see, big Wall Street firms have state-of-the-art technology and a gigantic staff of financial professionals on their side. Experts do thousands of hours of research. They search out market volatility and unless you're prepared, you'll be on the wrong side. Volatility means that the price is moving. Without movement, we would be back to square one, sitting on a position for a year with no change.

They use the most advanced computing power in the world. This is how they know when to buy and sell. As an independent trader, you do not have this luxury. So, it makes sense that you might feel overwhelmed about trading on the stock market. In fact, you've probably said to yourself something like, "I don't have the power of a super computer in my basement. Therefore, I can't compete." We're here to tell you that it's just not true. combines Social Sentiment, Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks. This technology will make you swear you could predict the future and we're giving you direct access today.

See How Wall Street Really Operates

Now independent traders can get access to the same technology from


Social Sentiment

Social Sentiment from is like having one hundred stock experts in your back pocket. This tool is vital. In fact, Social Sentiment may be the only way for independent traders to truly, deeply understand market trends. This is key because smart trading is all about really understanding the trends of your chosen market.

Social Sentiment analysis is going to:

  •  Process data from dozens of online platforms with lightning speed - Giving you an edge over the most seasoned stock professionals.

  •  Hear what the market is saying about the top brands, industries and market leaders - This will help you make the most informed trades possible.

  •  Find out which consumers influence which markets - So you can turn your energy into profit, not frustration.

  •  Measure social network activity - Giving you access to multi-billion dollar shifts in the marketplaces.

  •  Our signal engines run in the cloud for cutting-edge performance.

Real-Time Social Sentiment Stream

See through the eyes of our Social Sentiment engine.


Artificial Intelligence & Neural Networks

The stock market can feel chaotic to the independent trader. Trends come and go and information is misleading. Surprises wait around every corner. It can get crazy. Again, Wall Street professionals have the staff and the quantum computers to handle all these variables. The successful independent trader has to make sense of the stock market with almost no resources.

That's where A.I. and Neural Networks from come in. As you know, Artificial Intelligence is the revolutionary technology that makes your computer think like a human brain. is literally like having 1,000 day traders sitting inside your computer working for you watching every move the market makes!'s Artificial Intelligence engine can process data 1,000,000 times faster than the human mind. But here's the most important part. Artificial Intelligence is reliable. It does not make careless mistakes. How many times has an independent trader lost money after falling for a flash-in-the-pan trend? Too many to count.

Neural Networks by does all of the heavy lifting for you. It translates the million different moving parts of the market into easily digestible bits of information. This is going to help you, the ambitious independent trader make lucrative trading decisions. Even more amazing, Neural Networks has its very own memory. This piece of technology remembers important historical trends for you, so you can focus on making money.


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Performance and Results

Easy, Set It And Forget It Live Trading Signals gives you live stock trading signals via email and mobile notifications. Simply enter the trades with the Take Profit and Stop Loss values provided and they'll close on their own. Go ahead and see our trading signals for yourself. Below are our stock signals from 7 days prior.

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Feedback and Reviews

We were looking for some help really keeping our eye on the markets at all times, so we went looking for a platform that would fit the bill and we ended up discovering I wasn't sure if it would really make a difference or not, but it turns out that it fits our needs perfectly. In just a matter of weeks we have seen a real change in the way we are trading! If you want real trading signals that work, has got you covered. I love your trading signals.


I heard about from a friend of mine and I thought that it really couldn't be as great as he was saying; it honestly sounded too good to be true. Thankfully, it turns out I was totally wrong and it's really wonderful. I signed up and couldn't believe that I made the purchase price back in just 48 hours trading! I have gotten at least 50 times the value from so far. It is by far the best thing I've ever used to keep track of the markets and the fact that I can use it on my phone makes it completely invaluable to me. I couldn't be happier with my results.


I was spending hours and hours a day trying to keep up with the markets so that I could make as much money as possible. It was starting to take up more of my time than I had to offer and I didn't want to waste time I could be spending with my family because I'm too busy. So I decided to try out at the recommendation of a friend. I am completely blown away. I like more and more each day because it makes my life a whole lot easier. I've gone from spending all my "free" time checking the markets to instead going to one place, seeing all the information that I want there and then being able to act quickly on what I learn. I definitely love using

Mark does exactly what you said it does. I get powerful stock signals effectively as well as efficiently and profits are really moving now. The artificial intelligence and neural networks are amazing and the results that we are getting are seriously blowing me away. I've been making money even in the worst market conditions since I started using I can't say enough about I would like to personally thank you for your outstanding product.

Allyce is great. I have been investing in various things for as long as I can remember, but it was usually only for fun and very rarely did I actually do research of any kind on what to invest in per se. When I decided to try getting a bit more serious about it, I knew that I needed some sort of direction otherwise I'd end up overwhelmed and just quit. Thank you for making it painless, pleasant and most of all, hassle free! I can just go to and see everything I want to see all at once and not have to switch between a bunch of different sources to get my information. The ease of it all has allowed me to make some really good investments and make some good money. I'm very happy with


When I decided to get serious about investing, I knew I needed a lot of help to really be able to make some money. Thankfully, my brother in law who has been investing for many years let me in on his secret to really making money, it was It's exactly what I've been looking for. It put the markets that I was interested in right there at my fingertips, as well as information that I would never have thought to look up on my own. Since I started, I've already made thousands of dollars and it has been much less time than I expected to make that kind of money. Thanks!


Are You Ready To Have All The Work Of Picking The Winners Done For You?

Start focusing on profitable trading, leave the analysis work to us. All you need is an online trading account. It doesn't matter where you live, what country you're in, what language you speak or even if you can't keep up with the markets on a daily basis. does all the work of finding the best trading signals for the stock markets for you. Some aspiring traders assume that is out of their price range. Nothing so valuable could also be affordable, right? And that's a perfectly logical thought. We all know traders shelling out $300/month for stock advice. However, you can take advantage of's wealth-building features today for only $77/month. Our pricing may increase but you will lock-in your price for the life of your subscription.

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